Ekin Frites - Ekin Benelux
Specialist in Pre-fried Belgian frozen fries "Does not compete, creates competition"


Founding of Ekin Benelux
Ekin Benelux is a partnership firm and is the main supplier of pre-fried Belgian frozen fries. Our corporation arose from the activities of the original company EKIN France. This company was founded in Paris, France on March 12, 1998. The main office of Ekin Benelux is situated in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The activities of our corporation will mostly take place in the Benelux.

Core business
Our core business is distributing pre-fried Belgian frozen fries in the Benelux. Our target audience consists of wholesalers that are active in the food and meat sector. Ekin fries are produced in Belgium, which guarantees the excellent quality and allows them to carry the “Made in Belgium” label. Additionally, we are able to guarantee our customers that we can offer our products at very competitive rates.